Finally got a chance to go to the range so I jumped on it.

Took the new 365 and an older Bersa Thunder 380 Plus that I bought 2nd hand a few years back and had a little feed trouble with it- may have been bad ammo?
Through the Bersa I shot some Gecco 95 gr fmj and it ran fine. Then some Freedom Munitions 90 gr jhp, and it was also fine. The gun is good. Must of just been some bad ammo back when I had malfunctions, and I believe it was Fiocchi. Several of my 380 do not like Fiocchi. My 9mm pistolas run it fine.

Then in the 365 I put a couple boxes of S&B 124 fmj and it ran good, then switched over to jhp and had a FTE right away, and 2 fail to feed next. I noticed that the recoil was very light and I assumed that jhp was undercharged maybe? Upon examination I discovered I had loaded it up with 380!!! - What a dummy. It fired fine- just didn't have enough horsepower to cycle that slide. Once I figured that out and got the correct caliber loaded in the gun- it ran fine.

Bottom line is the 365 will be a good addition to my carry line up. Only issue I have found with it is that it doesn't cycle 380 ammo very well....but most folks wouldn't have an issue with that!