I was a little nervous because of some bad reviews, but decided to reward myself for a difficult work project finished by buying a Kahr PM45. I've owned a CW380 for about three years and carry it most days but was suffering "barrel envy" as many of my friends carry 9mm and look down their nose at the 380. I already own a full size Colt 1911 government model which I like and shoot well but it is too large and heavy for me to conceal carry. I didn't want to add another caliber ammo to my collection so decided to get the 45 rather than a 9mm or 40 caliber.

I received the pistol, and couldn't contain myself. I intellectually know I should have taken it home and cleaned and lubricated it before shooting but I didn't. I went straight onto the range and put 100 rounds of ball and 20 rounds of HST through it. The trigger pull felt a little rough and I was not used to what feels like an even longer trigger pull than the CW380 so I was not shooting well. However the pistol worked flawlessly! No problems and no shells hit me in the head.

I cleaned and lubricated the pistol and put another 100 rounds of ball and 15 rounds of HP through it last night. The lubricated trigger was perfect (although still feels like a longer pull than the CW380). I had installed a Crimson Trace red laser on the pistol and that worked great. If you want a laser for this pistol you better get one quick as Crimson trace has discontinued them for all the Kahr 45's. Towards the end of my shooting I had one HST FTL but it cleared easily. I had wondered if the HST would work in this pistol as I had some FTL with the CW380. Jury is still out. There is a little raised edge on the front edge of the loading ramp -- I may polish it out.

My impressions: I like the pistol and appreciate the considerable increase in power from the 380. I have been carrying it for two weeks with a Sticky holster in the pocket or a Alien Gear 3.5 which is fairly comfortable and conceals well. I am still having some accuracy problems, I think caused by the longer trigger pull but I am improving. It is not fair to compare shooting this to the single action trigger of the 1911 which I can shoot well with iron sights to 50 yards. The pistol is surprising comfortable to shoot although after 100 rounds my hands are tired. I brought a thin leather glove to wear the second time I shot to avoid irritating my hand with the aggressive checkering when shooting a lot of rounds. I had a total of one FTL with an an HST which is an aggressive, fairly flat nose hollow point, out of 235 rounds fired. No shells hit me in the head. If anyone is one is on the fence about buying a PM45, I would recommend buying one. Feels good in the hand and reliable.