Back in early 2003 when I bought my MK9 Elite 2000 I had to send it back to have the Roguard black satin finish on it redone due to some cosmetic flaws. They sent it out to Robar who did a great job on it that time. While Kahr had it I had them replace the factory bar-dot sights with a set of night sights. Fast forward to the last few years and the sights were getting dimmer and dimmer, though surprisingly still glowed a bit after 16+ years.
I have a very nice Wheeler sight pusher but didn't have the intestinal fortitude to risk marring the finish by pushing out what have always been reported to be very tight sights of the old dovetail cut variety. Well recently I happened upon a set of Meprolight Tru-dot night sights on closeout at Optics Planet and decided I'd try it. I could not have asked for an easier experience. The old sights, front and back slid out like a set of Glock plastic rear sights after I applied and let them sit in some oil. And the new ones went right back in without any relief necessary. They were so easy to slide in that I waited a month afterwards to make sure the oil had evaporated and then applied some blue locktite to them. I don't shoot the gun very often and I don't carry it anymore but now when I take it out to fondle it as I like to do once in a while, I can once again smile over a fresh sight of bright sights.