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Found one!!! Heading after it.
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Those are so cool, you can put all kinds of stocks on them. Anything from classic to folding, commando, tactical..........wow !!!! I know your gonna scope it........have fun !!!
Picture is a must.................
Got it heading home!!!
112 miles with 3 grandkids and grandma!!! I'm home.... Rectangle Wood Packing materials Automotive exterior Shelving
Wood Office supplies Communication Device Tints and shades Electric blue

Yeah I plan on scoping it, can just barely see a rear sight. Plan on getting a banana mag, would really like one of the wire folding stocks.

I've always wanted one, but they've always been over two hundred. Even when you could get a 30-30 for a hundred.

Finally bought one about three years ago but got glock fever and sold it before I got a hi-cap mag!!! I will pass this one down to a grandkid
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Nice! Gunna keep the wood stock?
Probably, the stock I've always wanted is a hundred bucks!!!! And wood is cool.
The folding stocks are cool, so are the thumbhole stocks I've seen. But wood is classic and always in good taste...........she's a sharp looking rifle. Have a ton of fun shooting it...............!!!!!!
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Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Trunk Automotive exterior

Got a auto bolt release now!!! Worked on the hammer notch some, trigger is better.
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Boy, your wasting no time improving and tuning that gun...........
Oh man I finished the action work!!! Can't pick the rifle up with the trigger anymore! !! I haven't dug my scales out yet but I'm thinking its between 3&4#.

The new hammers have the bushings cast with the hammer. Was gonna use a vice as a jig but ended up doing it by hand. Still got a slight positive engagement.
Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Machine gun
one of my girls got me a scope for my birthday today!!!
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Very Nice.............and Happy Birthday !!!!!
Found a Butler creek steel lipped 25rd mag in town!!! Im going to get it and break it in!!!
Wood Bicycle handlebar Line Bicycle part Gun barrel

Just got back... with federal bulk the mag worked great with the last 18 rounds or so. The America eagle didn't do near as good.

Was a little surprised with the accuracy!!! With the fed bulk it was keeping them in an inch @50yds just leaning against the car!!!
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I like it.......I like it......
Hickok45 goes for a walk in the woods with a supressed Ruger 10/22...........
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