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100 rounds in my new 380

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Finally got a chance to go to the range and run a 100 rounds thru the P380

My friend and I went. He has a lcp brand new and me with my Kahr.

Both shoot really accurate.

Here is what we both notice when we switched.

My Kahr has a better trigger pull.
My Kahr has less kick.

Both did not have any miss feeds.

The Lcp slide would not stay open after the last shot.

His was $350.00 Mine was $590.00

For $240.00 difference is up to the beholder.

For me it was worth the $240.00 for a better feeling gun and better looking.
This is a gun that you can keep for a long time.

That's my .2cents worth.
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both good guns, one is just better than the other. The P380 just feels like a gun should, IMO.
Agreed, i'm lucky enough to have both now and have noted:

the LCP is like a timex (works great) vs the P380's Rolex feel...

Trigger on P380 is amazing

LCP seems to print less in front pocket - even with my CT laser on it, P380 grip extends a little further

less recoil on p380
After thinking more about the gun last night after the post I was really impressed.

If you not a gun trader where you have to have a new one or try the new one out each time, this is a keeper.

Off to clean them.
bigweb2001 said:
the LCP is like a timex (works great) vs the P380's Rolex feel...
Very good analogy!!!
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