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1911 Smithed !!

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I have a metro arms american classic officers model. I had my gunsmith go thru this gun and replace the trigger / trigger job, new hammer, bevertail, sear, novak fiber optic sights and wolf springs. He also tightened the slide to frame fit and did an action job, tuned the gun. And lastly replaced the grips with nighthawk customs. I actually spent more on parts and his labor than the gun itself, all the work was worth it. What a difference in the accuracy, action and feel of the gun. I will use this gun for range / target shooting. It shoots like a dream and smooth as butter. I think my next gun will be a modestly priced one as well, and do a complete overhaul to my liking. That's the beauty of 1911's, you can run from bone stock to full custom and anywhere in between to your liking.......( pics not great, a
little fuzzy )


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Sweet!!! I love working on 1911s, got to read my gunsmith buddies mail order course on the 1911.
The thing I like most about them is that you can make the gun very personal, and it can evolve into whatever you like. As long as it is true to spec, your choice of parts and look are almost endless. To me they are guns with a real style and works of art.
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