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2 p380 questions

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I get my fat index finger pinched allot by the top of the trigger. Anyone else ? Any suggestions ? Does the pistol slide ever loosen up in time ? about 500 rounds through and it is just as tight as the first magazine.
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Wear a glove?
If you want a good finger pinching ..
Try shooting my XD slim. 45 ...
I would appreciate that Kahr trigger after 100 rounds or so ...
Try using the tip of your finger instead of the usual joint section , I do the same to avoid it. If you use the pistol in a self defense situation you won't notice the pinch anyways :rolleyes:
+1 on the tip to use the pad of your finger...my meaty (read fat) fingers just work better that way and I've had that confirmed by several other Kahr owners. As for the slide spring "loosening up" a bit, I don't think you want that since they tend to need a pretty fair amount of spring tension to work properly. That is why it's recommended to replace the springs relatively often (don't remember the general guideline offhand).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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