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I'm enclosing photos of three different P380 holsters for 3 different CCW situations. First I am 6' 245lbs. Big guy. These holsters are what works for me when I carry. My P380 also has the CTC laserguard.
First, a Crossbreed Minituck. This holster works great when I can't use my pockets. i.e., Dress slacks where pocket carry shows too much. Fit is great right out of the package and concealment is perfect tucked under a shirt.
Second, D. M. Bullard pocket holster and magazine holder. This holster works great in tight fitting levis or other tight fitting pants. This holster had to be broken in for about a week using plastic bags around the gun and Magazine.
Third, a Recluse holster & magazine carrier. This holster and mag carier works best in looser fitting pants, shorts, or summer clothes. In fact, out of all the holsters this one can be drawn faster than any other. Stays in the pocket EVERY!!!! time with very little printing.

1. My gun<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_03_25.jpg" />
2. Crossbreed Minituck<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_05_43.jpg" />
3. Bullard<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_07_04.jpg" />
4.Recluse<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_10_42.jpg" />
5.Recluse<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_08_32.jpg" />
6.Recluse<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_09_10.jpg" />
7.Recluse<img src="http://p380forum.com/forum/gallery/517_27_09_10_10_11_32.jpg" />
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