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Several years back, I bought a couple of P3AT's. They were reliable so I talked 4 of my co-workers into buying them. They too liked them. Well, when the LCP came out, I bought two and they have been great. I put a CT on one and it lived in my pocket. I also talked 3 of my friends into buying them. Two were females who never carried a gun while off-duty. Last week, I picked up the P380 and can say without a doubt that it is by far a superior weapon. I let my 3 friends shoot the P380 and both females are mad at me for not telling them about the P380 before they bought the LCP's. Now they want me to help sell their LCP's so they can buy the P380. This pistol is well worth the money. So far, I have put 300 rounds through it with no problems; Magtech, CCI, WWB, UMC, DPX and Buffalo Bore. It even fits perfectly in the Superfly holster I bought for my LCP with CT. ;D
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