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Add radius to CM9 eject opening edge???

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Glad to be a new forum member,
Just acquired my new CM9 and having a problem removing it from my leather holster. Problem is the leather is formed tight to the pistol and when withdrawing the fwd top and rh upr outbd corner edge of the shell eject opening catchs on the inside of the holster. One of a couple of potential fixes might be to slightly round the edge of the eject opening at the interfering location only. Right now the corner edge is extremely sharp and actually cuts the inside of the holster when withdrawing. I'm concerned about the finish, if any, on the upper steel portion of gun. If there is no finish then I could round the edges IF NO problems would occur with shell casing ejection or something else I haven't thought of.
To sum up:
1. Is there a finish on the steel slide?
2. Would there be a problem with rounding the fwd outbd edge of the ejection cutout?
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Looks like about how much I want to remove. It's really sharp I think. I thought maybe there might be a protective or decorative finish applied. Didn't want to take a chance on causing corrosion.
So you are basically de-horning the ejection port? I'm new to Kahr's, but not to handguns. As long as the slide is bare stainless steel with no coating on it, I can't see what that would hurt. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Always ready to learn.
yes RossA, I rounded the forward rh and upr corner. It just stuck out there for the inside of my leather holster to crab. After rounding it the problem didn't go away but got helped quit a bit. At least it's not hanging up and with wear will eventually get better I'm sure. I did't think it would hurt anything but I'm not really knowledgeable on guns and their finishes. I figured a lot if knowledge here......just as well ask as not.
To my knowledge Kahr SS slides are simply a matte finish stainless. The elite models are a polished finish. By rounding the area around the ejection port no harm to the gun or finish should occur.
Good to know. I'm a big fan of de-horning!
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