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There used to be a company way back when called MMC that produced an adjustable rear sight for the Kahr pistols. But they became defunct. Recently browsing I came across their new website and it appears that they intend to bring back the adjustable sight for the Kahr pistols and others.
I emailed them inquiring if they were intending to bring back that old version of the adjustable Kahr sight and I received a reply:
Thank you for the interest in MMC products. Our production has been
concentrated on our new pistol sight design (we'll be calling it the
DEUCE in the near future) which incidentally does include a Kahr model.
First will be the older dovetail (probably available in the next 2-3
weeks - parts are machined, but await several finishing steps), followed
by the same sight for the newer style dovetail. We do not yet offer this
model with tritium dots.
The older MMC design that you asked about, soon to be referred to as the
ACE design, will be back in production in the coming months. It will be
slightly different in that the profile shape will have a higher blunt
nose for one arm/hand slide manipulation and the elevation adjustment
will feature consistent values for each click. The last MMC sight had
variable click increments."

I know there are people out there looking for something like this, so I'd thought I'd pass on the good news.
Please don't turn this thread into whether an adjustable sight is valid for CCW or not.
This might be a great addition to some of the Kahr T series pistols.
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