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Adjusting your method of carry !!

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Ok so I thought I would put this out there.............do you vary how you carry depending on the circumstances you think you will encounter or where you go that day or time ? For example I always carry IWB at 330 almost exclusively. But in the evening when walking the dog, it is dark around a lot of the area I go. So I pocket carry if wearing light shorts, where I can stick my hand in the pocket and take hold of the weapon. And if I IWB carry, I'll pull my shirt up over and behind the holster to expose the butt of the weapon. That way if I need to grab the gun in a hurry and I have the leash in my left hand, I can just draw the weapon. I know this exposes the weapon and would be considered OC, which is not legal here. But it is dark, the weapon is black, as is the holster. So no one can see it, and I let my arm hang down at my side, which covers view of the weapon. Maybe its wrong of me to do that, but I think of it as common sense............
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I've just about always got one iwb with a untucked shirt.
I change out my pocket pistols the most. Around the house or in the woods I pocket carry a mini loaded for snakes. If I'm going to town ill pack a small auto or a small revolver.
I really like a pocket gun, cause you can't walk around with you hand on your hip...
I still have only oced hunting revolvers,
I've tried front pocket carry and it isn't for me. Not comfortable enough. Right now, and still trying other locations, back pocket is best, OWB, IWB in that order depending on anticipating sitting or standing all day. When driving appendix or the door pocket. Back pocket is proving to be easily done with minimum work. Of course with a larger weapon OWB.
I didn't think I'd like backpocket carry until I tried it, last year I carried my snake gun in my back pocket.
But I pack my clip knife in that pocket...

I really like my 6oz 32auto in my front pocket.
I most always carry a PM40 IWB at 3:00. Rare occasions I use a belly band depending on climate and wardrobe.
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