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Hey guys thought i would share my thoughts on this holster, it's been 3 weeks & used it every day. Their slogan is comfortable from day one and i agree. The edges of the leather are rounded and finished smooth, so there aren't any uncomfortable edges at all. The leather isn't too hard when new it almost feels broken in already. Traditional metal clips attach to the leather via screws, there are 3 adjustment levels but i haven't changed them from factory. The ride height and cant are perfect for me, it conceals great with just a t-shirt, & i can still get my wallet out of my pocket without interferance from the muzzle which has been a problem for me in the past with most holsters. Kydex is nice quality, decent thickness, with 4 attachment points. All in all it's an excellent holster cost me $58 bucks shipped and i recieved it the very next day.
Customer service is superb, i had fit issues with the first one i recieved. The kydex only touched the pistol at the trigger guard. I emailed them. Recieved a response the same day, & was told they weren't sure why i had that problem but would send me a replacement. I got the replacement 3 days later. They checked into my problem and modified the design and made me a new one and had it in my mailbox in 3 days!!!!! And here is where they really went above and beyond imo. They never asked me to return the one i had issues with. I of course sent it back after recieving the new one. You will be able to notice a difference in the design in the pictures. I would recommend this holster to any cm9 owner. I have only wore it owb for about an hour and it wasn't for me. Imo it's just too much leather for an owb.
this one is the first one i revieved, you can notice that the ejection port is molded into the kydex on this one.

This is the replacement, you can see the ejection port is no longer molded into the kydex, they said they made a modification of the molding where the bump from the slide release is as well
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