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After the Kahr, the Kimber, and now the H & K USP 40

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Back again, just finished the paperwork on my newest addition, an H&K USP 40 Variant 1. The Kimber, so far, performed flawless having digested about 300 rounds of PMC 230 grain FMJ.

It shoots very well and the POI is right where its supposed to be, no further adjustments needed. The laser dot and POI also are right where it needs to be. So now I have the last one I wanted for some time, the H & K 40 S&W. Haven't had a chance to fire it, CAL. legal 10 waiting period, why me? I did get a chance to look the gun over and it is super as far as fit and finish, ease of operating the slide, and with the proprietary recoil buffer system should a breeze to shoot. Can't wait.

I've already got a bunch of 40 cal. ammo in stock so as soon as I get it of to the range I will go..

One thing I want to add is that I really enjoy this forum, it is the only I've found interesting enough to spend time on. A real great group of people here, thank you all!!
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Well congrats on your new H&K, they are really fine weapons. The 40s&w is a snappy little round, but you got a great gun to shoot it. The recoil should not be bad at all thru your H&K. Also glad to see you have stuck around. Thanks for the kind words, we try to mix it up a little and keep things interesting. And yes there are good folks around here !!!!
I'll post pictures of my new "baby" when I pick it up. Why are the next 10 days going to be sooooo long?

There is one gun I wish I would have bought when they were available............anyone remember the Erma 22 cal Luger look-a-like. When they were available I saw one at a local gun dealer for 129.00 (way, way back then) but I stalled around too much and it was gone. That gun looks and operates just like a real Luger, neatest thing I've seen in 22 cal.
My dad had a gun like that, he got in the early 70's. it was all blued metal with wooden checkered grips. And it looked and functioned just like a real Luger. I think it was a Stoeger. It was a great 22, we had a ton of fun shooting that thing. It's been gone a long time now, I have never seen another.........But I found a pic of one........


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Ive had my hands on a couple but never got to shoot one
Yes they did make a Stoeger, and that one is actually a better gun. The Erma was an exact copy of the original Luger but from what I can remember they had a lot of cast parts inside that were prone to breakage, the Stoeger's were made with metal parts (machined parts) and therefore a much better quality. Again, that is from what I can remember from way back (1960-70)
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