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After a protracted wait, my Alabama Holster Company pocket holster finally put in an appearance. The good news is that it works wonderfully well. It is my 3d AH rig, and the ones for the LCP and Centennial work as well.
These holsters really hide the shape of the gun. The holster is virtually smooth on the outside face, so that even when the fabric is drawn tight against it, it still doesn't look like much of anything. They are made of Kydex, which is very thin and doesn't retain moisture. It also draws very well; I like to give it a push with my middle and 3d finger. I generally carry in jeans pockets.
Price is a very reasonable $25 plus shipping. Only bad news is wait time; I've got every bit of 7 weeks plus before delivery. The previous AH's came almost immediately, so I think they need to put on more help.
The holsters are available with either a rounded or flat bottom, which serves to keep the holster upright in the pocket. The trigger guard is completely covered, and it is easy to reholster in the pocket.
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