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Am I kicking a dead horse wanting a PM9 to repl my CM9?

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I've had my CM now for 8 months and shot up to 900 rounds. I really like the Kahr's and after studying the offers I think if I had to do it over I'd pick a PM9 for CC. Same size CM vs PM but it a more quality production is my understanding along with a better rifling. Am I kicking a dead horse lusting about replacing my CM with PM? I'm extremely happy with mine but as usual wanting something else always (why can't guy be happy with what he's got). Thing is, all the equipment I have, holsters and etc. is interchangeable. Looking around at the pricing of PM's I could probably find a little used PM for $550 but wonder if it's really worth it. Believe me I've read all the comments on the forum concerning all the different Kahr weapons but would like to read comments of folks that have knowledge of both or for that matter just good old opinions.
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You know Bob all of us being gun nuts here is like asking a bank robber what denominations does he prefer when he robs the bank...........of course he wants the large ones..........but bottom line is he wants them all.........Just like we always want another gun / guns. My thoughts are while the pm9 has a match grade barrel and a little nicer finished slide, there isn't enough of a difference to trade or sell the cm for. Now that said, if you are just buying it as another gun or just really want it and are good with the deal, by all means do what makes you happy.
Well, I only own to CC and really don't or can afford to target practice except to keep up my skills, be that what they are. If I did get a PM I would be selling or trading my CM. I shoot very well with it and have no desire to replace it other than wanting a better quality gun. From what I suspect, you think I should keep it as there isn't really that much to gain as they are nearly the same and considering I'm only using for CC. That's really the reason I'm asking the question. I don't want to change just for the sake of changing. Just got the itch.......ya know?
Believe me I know about that itch............from what you have said I would keep the gun you have, as it is a solid CC gun and you like it. Honestly you probably wouldn't notice a difference between the two for all practical purposes. And you are right, you basically would be changing one for another of same..........
I really like the rifled barred on the cm, don't shoot much lead anymore, but its nice to be able to.

Heck, keep the cm and try something different.
There you go...........2 out of 2 agree...........that you should keep the cm. I understand that you have to trade or sell what you have to get another, so maybe you can put those penny's away in order to do as Toney suggested and get something different down the road. That's what I would do. I'm in the same position, if I want to get another gun, I have to sell or trade one I already have. Fortunately I have a few on hand, so if that itch gets real bad, theres always one to put up on the block to seal the deal.................and get the itch scratched !!!!!!
I already have a winter or trade off CC and I'm happy happy happy happy with what I have. Being an Engineer is a damn curse sometimes as we are always looking for the better design whatever. As I said I'm happy with what I have and looks like I'm going to keep it/them. Unfortunately, I like all gun lovers can't leave well enough alone. That's why I wrote the Thread to see if I really gained anything by "moving" up. It appears to be....not really. Now I can use the money I would have spent "updating" by shooting more. Thanks for posts.
I don't know bout you guys but I'm looking for one that doesn't make my but look big.
Good Luck....I mean that in a good way.
Yeah with the way things are going........ I definitely don't want to add anything else to what is already there.................
When ever I decide on a gun, I usually get what I want. If I settle, I'm never happy and all I think about is the one I want.

I say sell it and get what you want. But then again, it's always easier spending someone else's money.
I decided to keep my cm and I like it as it is a great carry weapon and an accurate shooter for what it was made for.

Hey Bob, just some personal experience. I have two Kahrs, one with conventional rifling (CM) and one with the poly rifling . I shoot mostly lead reloads at the range. I find the CM more accurate with lead bullets than the poly rifled barrel pistol, with jacketed bullets, they shoot about the same for me.

Just my experience, others may be different.
Interesting observation..........I always found it hard to believe that out of such a short barrel, that the type of rifling could affect accuracy to a great degree. I think it's more the shooter than anything else !!
When does the difference demonstratively show itself between the two barrels?

BTW I've not shot any lead.
Probably on a bench rest..............and it woud also be ammo dependant i would think...............
Your comments make me feel even better about the decision to keep my cm


With a poly barrel you gain a little velocity, and no corners for fouling to build up in.
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yeah it is nice to shoot CHEAP lead bullets ..
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Thats a big advantage for you reloaders. Honestly other than the gain in velocity due to the poly rifilings better seal with the bullet in barrel, the normal shooter isnt going to see a difference. After all these are self defense guns, and not designed for precision target shooting !!!
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