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Ammo compatibility

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Went to the range this am with my P380 plus 1 - 50 rd bx remington umc 95gr, fmj; 1 - 50 rd box pmc bronze 95gr, fmj and 1 - 20 rd bx pmc starfire, jhp. Ammo performance:

remington umc - four failures to feed.

pmc bronze - one failure to feed.

pmc starfire - no problems.

In fairness I must include that I used four magazines with the spring in one mag notacibly weaker than the other three, and I can't rule out the possibility I may have limp wristed several times while concentrating on my sighting. This is a great little pistol!
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FWIW, my P380 did not seem to like FMJ ammo made by RWS. It was used during the break in period, and I experienced half a dozen FTF issues. With other ammo I used (Speer, Remington, Hornady & Federal) I only had the occasional stove-pipe.
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