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Ammo on Sale

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We need to alert each other when we see good sale prices on .380 ammo. If you guys see anything, post it here. Is there anything on sale now? Where and how much for how many rounds?
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How about you go out and look and come back and tell us what you find.
I was hoping you would.
CTD still has the Aguila 90gr JHP & 95gr FMJ for $12.19 per 50.

In other news, I still need to work up an order to make the S&H worthwhile... ;D
I finally sent in an order - though not to CTD, as it turns out. Natchez has the Aguila FMJ for $12.99/50 so I ordered 6 boxes, along with a couple of other items that weren't in stock @ CTD. I'll try to get to the range soon & find out how well they shoot. Stay tuned...
What's shipping on an order like that?
~$21 for the whole order, BUT it was >$17 just for a holster. ??? Adding 6 boxes of ammo & a jar of J-B compound only raised S&H $3 + change...
Have you shot any yet?
Aguila FMJ shoots great from my P380. It's really quick for a cheapie.

I got an email this morning that Natchez has several fmj loads on sale. Blazer was really cheap.
Cokeman said:
Have you shot any yet?
Nope. It's been cold & windy here. Not such a big deal on the pistol range, but I also like to shoot my .22s when I go, so I'm going to have to wait a while.

Ljutic said:
Aguila FMJ shoots great from my P380. It's really quick for a cheapie.

I got an email this morning that Natchez has several fmj loads on sale. Blazer was really cheap.
Bought these based on your review!
Got the same email. Too late to do me much good...
Everything is covered with snow here. It's not cold enough to stop me though.
We're still covered, too. It only stops me until we get a decent day; even 35F with some sun is decent! ;D
The other problem is that the only range I'm a member of is 55 miles away, so I usually go with a buddy to cut gas costs. (There are NO public ranges nearby.) Some day, either he or I are going to clear a spot to shoot, but neither has made a move yet.
I sometimes find good deals at Ammunitiontogo.com They usually have e good supply of 380 and also great prices on 9mm - you can also get hat GECO (sp) from Switzerland there sometimes. Worth puttomg on your list of places to check when you need ammo.
What's their shipping like?
Pretty fast and the price is all about the same everywhere - I usually try to get at least 1000 rounds total (combined caliber) before ordering.
I'm paying about $16 for a 50 round box of .380 at Cabelas and can't seem to find a better deal at a store or online.
Best deal I know of right know is 500 rounds (10 boxes of 50 is the max you can order) of PMC Bronze 90gr. FMJ from Natchez. For me, that comes to $129.90 + $16.37 S&H = $146.27 = $0.29254 cents per round. Hope this helps.
That's not bad. I wish that somebody local would offer that kind of price so I wouldn't have to spend $$$ on S&H. :(

Actually, I just heard today that a semi-local (~60 miles away) merchant was expanding their ammo dept & was going to kick serious butt with their pricing. We'll see...
Not bad. That's the price of a good sale.
Ordered some of this earlier. http://www.sgammo.com/product/aguila/50-rds-380-auto-acp-90gr-hollow-point-aguila-ammo Mexican HPs at Russian FMJ prices. ;D

Their 95 grain FMJ tested pretty fast at 883 fps. If the 90 grain HP comes in at 900, it's in the same range as Federal Hydra-Shok and Gold Dots. It's been on my list to try and evaluate, but I never remembered to add it to an order with Midway or AmmoToGo. Recently ordered from SGA a few weeks ago and found out I'm in their cheapest shipping zone. Their prices are good and shipping is comparatively cheap so the may be my new 1st choice for ammo.
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