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Ankle Holster for CM9

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Looking for input on a good ankle holster for carry of my CM9. What do you guys have?
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Ive got a uncle Mike's size 1 I got for my p3at, carried my pf9 in it some. The cm fits but I haven't carried it.

The calf strap is useless, don't need it anyway. The biggest thing is not puting it on to tight or loose.

I got mine for road trips. Wood Hardwood Electric blue Composite material Auto part
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PS, if your gonna stuff a revolver in one you need one with more padding. I truer a 638 in mine for about a minute, the cylinder really dug into my ankle.
don't do it. get a kydex front pants pocket rig, instead. About 5x faster ccw draw, cause u can discretely have your hand ON the gun, while you decide if you must draw.
I know this is an old post, but if anyone is still looking for a good ankle holster option, check out the Sticky AnkleBiter Holsters. I am almost a 100% converted from my Galco. The reason I like it is because it can be used with multiple different carry handguns by simply using the sticky holster I already was using for pocket carry or IWB. The other benefit as was mentioned, it has just a bug pad with it that can add extra padding if needed for comfort. The only negative I have with this holster is the retention strap which I replaced with my own designs/options which works much better for security when riding a motorcycle or when needing 100% guaranteed security from falling out.

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Welcome DukeDefense. When allowed I wonder if you would post a picture?
Welcome DukesDefense!:applouse:
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