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Another new Cali owner

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Just picked up my P380 today and took it to the range. As I posted on another thread, I had some issues with the spent round getting caught in the ejector (with the open side wedged in) that I think is coming from my grip. I've never owned a gun this small and it'll take some practice to get a perfect grip with it.

I plan on using this for a CCW (I know, a crazy concept here in Cali, but I will be able to get one soon) and I sold my Sig 239 to replace it. The accuracy on this gun blows away my 239, which was very surprising. Even at 25 yards I was still hitting everything within the big circle, where my 239 would feel very twitchy and have some flyers.

Next thing I plan on doing is getting some night sights, and I'm looking at the Big Dots that seem to be so popular. I managed to find a P380 without the LCI so I can have more sight options.

Anyways, hello everyone ;D
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