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Another new member from Texas

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I ordered my P380 about a month ago and am still wating. The only thing worse than the wait is the realization of the lack of ammo when I get it. I found a place that will sell me all I want for $40 per box for ball ammo or $50 per box for defensive ammo. Ouch. I guess I didn't realize what I was getting into since I have been shooting 9mm.
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Hi, m3nme. Welcome to the forum. Try the 'Net for ammo! Don't pay scalpers' prices. you can find target ammo for under $20 a box of 50 and defense ammo from below $20 to $30 per box of 20 or 25. Check that the one you want is in stock. Sportsmans' Guide is up front with availablilty. Some may let you know when you order whether or not it's in stock. There are some that take your money and THEN let you know it's backordered. While waiting for your gun you can try to find ammo and anything else you'll need.
I ordered and paid for a night-sighted P380 the end of April and it didn't make the "Shipping in Fall 2009" schedule, but meanwhile I've amassed almost 1000 rounds of .380 -- several kinds of cheaper FMJ for the range, Hornady Critical Defense, and Buffalo Bore +P for CCW. All was under $20 a box except for 4 boxes of Aguila FMJ I bought on the road while traveling -- just under $100 including 10% tax in Tennessee. I also got a holster and 2 spare clips on the 'Net... everything but the gun. :( I don't think that your wait will be so long. Good luck.

My favorite:

Can find coupons or deals here sometimes:
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Thanks, but I'll hold on to it just in case I ever get a .380. I've seen the regular-sighted one in almost every store I've visited -- the ones that carry pistols. :D
Wynn... 8 months and a day waiting.... :(
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