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4th range trip:
Went out this morning and put 3 boxes of different ammo through it....
Gecco 95 gr fmj
Remmington 95 gr fmj
Remmington 88 gr jhp

I now have 350 rounds through it. Today I had 1 fail to go into battery with the Rem 88 jhp. Don't believe it was the ammo? I had 2 with the Gecco fmj a few weeks back on my 2nd range trip. Hopefully this is something that will eventually work out. May have been dirty gun? as I didn;t clean it after last range trip. But it's clean now and lubed up.
I can still hit the target. So......guess I'll let this thing become my main summer time carry. It easily fits into a front pocket in a pocket holster....and it holds 13 rounds! Its about the same size as my CT 380 and weighs about 1 oz less.

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