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Any other Floridians here?

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I just purchased my p380 yesterday after a few weeks of searching out the best concealed weapon for me. I think I have made the correct choice. I can't pick it up till later in the week because my concealed permit is taking forever to be approved. Fortunately we do not seem to have too much of a shortage of 380 ammo here although I don't know how the prices are.
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Where in Florida are you. I have been waiting to buy the 380 until the ammo situation straightens out. I'd like and am sure others would also where you are finding the 380 ammo?
Thanks and welcome
I am in Brevard County. I know of 2 gun stores that have 380 ammo. B&H in Merritt Island (this is where I purchased my p380, and they told me I could purchase as much practice ammo that I wanted but only one box of defense). I spoke to and employee of Action gun in Melbourne and he said they had some 380 but I dont know how much.
Hi, I'm a newbie and live in Jacksonville, FL. I ordered online and paid for a PM3933N at the end of last April. Then I find out that the night-sighted version isn't shipping until Fall. Of course I'm checking at Kahr's site several times a day now -- It's Fall!
I have a K-9 with night sights but it's a bit large and heavy for concealed carry with shorts and T-shirts or polos, especially the drawstring supported shorts. So... I've been carrying a Walther TPH, the stainless Interarms .22 cal. version, for most of the last 12 years that I've been permitted here. I keep Stingers in it, and while they are zipping out at about 1000 fps, that's not fast enough for the bullet to mushroom. I can hit a 4" bullseye at 15 yards at a range with single action, but that's not much stopping power.
I had my heart set on the PM4544N but that would be one more gun that I wouldn't carry most of the time. The Kahr .380 seems perfect for me -- no bigger than the TPH, and it weighs less fully loaded. I prefer the three-dot night sights and now I'm just waiting.
I finally have the requisite practice ammo -- 200 rounds of Aguila 95 grain FMJ's and I have 5 boxes of Hornady Critical Defense for concealed carry. Now I just need the gun! Had I known that I would be waiting this long, I would have ordered the regular model and had it upgraded to night sights by Kahr.
For prices here in Jacksonville, my favorite gun store had the P380 in stock for $620 and last weekend I saw one at the gunshow for $700. I got to look at the Sigarms P238 at that show as well. While I prefer DA/single action autos, I would still pick the Kahr. Julian Moon makes great guns -- simple, compact, and effective.
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:-[. Oops! I meant Justin Moon -- not Julian.
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