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anybody play guitar

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First thing I learned was the wild wood flower, second was house of the rising sun. After learning stairway to heaven I got pretty deep into guitars!!!
Coverdale Page - Shake My Tree - Live 1993 - YouTube think this was the neatest thing I learned.

Got really deep into the blues!!! I love ripping off blues licks

Dam thing really screws with my sugar levels! !!

Man their live version sucks
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I'm a child of the 90's. I love rock/alternative...ie: Pearl Jam, etc. I play guitar. But am in love with the bass. Flea is my music idol. I Love RHCP!
I like the red hot chilly peppers
My guitar gods are Eric, Stevie, Billy and jimmy
Those are everyone's. Lol. Jimmy was amazing. Stevie breathtaking.
Those are the greats............and I would add.........Steve Cropper, Ry Cooder, Mick Taylor and Wes Montgomery to that list as some of my favorites as well.....
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