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I gave up on Kahr doing anything new to improve or make their firearms more appealing to the firearm public. I went from a CM9 to a Glock 43x for my EDC. 10+1 mag capacity (Mags are more plentiful and cheaper also) I can do a complete disassemble of the 43x in a few minutes, have almost unlimited customized parts at my disposal, OEM parts for half the Kahr prices and in dozens of sites and reassemble the gun in less time than I can put the slide spring in the CM9. Have never encountered a problem that required a return to Glock....own and study a Glock for a day and you pretty much can solve any problem you get. As for a Hellcat, I have a XDe and like it very much. If I did not own it I might have looked into buying a Hellcat, but the extra mag capacity is not enough to convince me I need one. I have a CW380 that I re acquired when a friend died and he left it to me. Not a big Kahr 380acp fan after buying it, (is why I sold it to my friend) but it is a great shooter.... extremely accurate and good for a throw in the pocket to go to the store gun.
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