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Hard to say. For quite a few years, Kahr dominated small single stack 9mm pistols. I bought a black diamond PM9, with night sights, in 2011. The PM9 was a big hit, a year or two later, the less expensive CM9 made a big splash. Kahr was doing very well, with these pocket pistols. However, in the last few years, or so some very good gun manufacturers, have upped the game. Sig Sauer P365, with a ten round capacity. Springfield Hellcat, eleven round capacity and still very compact. Kahr did bring out the PM9 Covert, with slightly more capacity, but not a game changer. I don't think Kahr can make a pistol small as a PM9 with a ten round capacity. Maybe in a K9 or P9 size. THAT I would like to see. To me, magazine capacity is overblown. The average gunfight is at three yards, in three seconds, with three rounds fired, so I will stick with my PM9, and carry a spare magazine. Sure, bigger capacity is better, but in my opinion, should not necessarily a game changer, at least for me. I hate to say it, because I love Kahrs, but I think they are losing a lot of sales, because they NEED to answer their competitors, if anything for Kahr customers, to keep as Kahr customers.
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