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Approaching 750 Rounds!

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I bought my CM9 to replace my Glock 19 as my primary carry piece. It wasn't until after I started hearing negative reports on the guns performance. I'm happy to say that I just left the range with 725 rounds of mixed bullet types and weights (not all today, since January) without a SINGLE malfunction! I'm a very happy owner:D
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Congrats! !! I've had one ftfeed, but it was a brand new mag and I only wiped the outside off before loading it. The pistol was still working on it's first 100 rds also.
That's great.......sometimes a gun can be fussy about the ammo you feed it, doesnt mean its a defective or bad gun. Many guns will shoot anything you load in it, like a fat kid eating candy.......
"Like a fat kid eating candy." Lol.
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