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Since many/most posts are complaints, I thought I would post about my recent very positive experience with Kahr service. I purchased a PM45 about 2 1/2 years ago. It worked great right out of the box even before cleaning or break-in with no issues

After my last range session, I noticed the little securing ring (nut) on the recoil spring guide rod was missing. I went back to the range but could not find it.

It looked like that part was not available separately -- I needed to purchase the entire recoil spring assembly and there are several different types. I decided to call Kahr. I got a tech advisor almost immediately and he specified the type I needed. Since I have a PM model pistol as opposed to a CW model the part was covered by the lifetime warrantee and I received a new recoil spring within a few days.

Thank you Kahr!!!
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