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Back from factory

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Well, I just got my P380 back from the factory, after I sent it back the day after I bought it. The service was great and it fires flawlessly now (except for Magtech rounds). This is what i wrote to the company:

This item was bought by me new on June 24, 2009. I went to the range the next day to put the recommended two hundred rounds through it in order to properly break it in. (I used ball type ammo. for the entire incident).
I must say that it was a very discouraging experience. Right from the first round, I experienced jams with numerous failure to feed instances. At first, the magazines would not feed with more than four rounds loaded. They seem to have loosened up after a while, to actually feed while loaded with six rounds. Upon closer inspection, after a while, I was able to observe that as one inserts a loaded magazine, the end of the slide stop was protruding into the magazine well, and contacting the top of the round, basically obstructing it and thereby preventing the round from loading into the barrel chamber properly. Also at the range, as well as later on the phone with your tech. support department, while attempting to chamber a round from the magazine, I also experienced several instances where the round would jam at about a 45 degree angle between the barrel and rear of the slide. Occasionally the round would make it further into the barrel before jamming with the slide stuck partially back. This necessitated a sharp blow to the rear of the slide with the palm of the left hand to get the slide closed properly.

All is good now, the customer service was great, and pretty good turnaround time. I opted to send it back to factory instead of returning it to the store. I figure this way it gets looked at by the factory twice, with the second time being extra personal attention.

See the attached copy of the service letter they sent me back.


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My CW9 is at kahr for warranty repair right now .the extractor broke, other than it is taking a long time . so far so good
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Have some faith...........they will make it right !!
Hey Joe from NY. It is frustrating to have problems from the get go but it sure is great to have a company that backs you Up!

I have a CM9 that is not broke in yet. No problems so far!
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