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Barrel problem or not?

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I just recently bought a cm9 and shot it about 60 times..I have had 4 nose dives with 7 round mags.I think that is clearing up though.What im concerned about is the throat of the barrel in not round and has like gouges in the feed ramp and the left side is not round.Is this the way kahr makes barrels?I have pics but camera isn't the best.Thanks guys for the comments and hopefully clearing this up.Post pics of cm9 barrels if you can!
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Howdy!!! A pic would be nice!!! Nothing like that would cause nose dives... did you strip and clean the mags good!!
Is your brass getting marked up?

Are you getting hung up on the ramp, or are they diving into the mag?
Picture would help a lot........sounds more like a mag related issue..........
I didn't strip mags but may have to.Yes the brass is marked up.The nose dives are hitting the mag well..seems to be only one mag but need to shoot more. I tried to post pics but not much with computers.Thnks for the fast reply!
also noticed the feed lips on mags are not the same specs as well.
When you strip the mags also be sure the spring is facing the correct way, open end towards front of mag under the follower. And if you have a mag that is working ok, compare the feed lips you may have to do a
Little adjusting to match the good one, or call Kahr and have them replace it !
Seem like I've read the 7 Rounders have problems, both of mine work fine.

Wonder if putting too much pinky pressure has something to do with the problem or rumor.
ok, I will do that..thanks.. The barrel gouges may become a problem when I use hollowpoints?Do I have to send the whole gun off to Kahr are can they send a replacement barrel if I send the original?Not sure if they are fitted at factory or drop in.. Thanks
I have read that kahr has had issues with some of their mags also, they should replace it.........
You will need to contact them, the barrel feed ramp should be perfectly smooth with no gouges. They will probably want the gun returned with the bad mag.........
I torn the mags apart and cleaned.Everything is smooth and springs were installed the same way. Thanks
Im going to shot some more tomarrow! I was using win white box but im going to try lawman. all 115 grain so far
Good deal...........part of the problem could have been the WWB ammo.............it seems to have issues with many guns feeding and ejecting........and that is with several of us here...........don't recommend it at all !!
Toney I don't use the pinky extension.I just use two finger grip.Just bought the 7 rounders for faster reload and of course 1 more round. I have heard that milking the grip will cause jams and not to mention being less accurate. Thanks
I wouldn't shoot wwb if it was free!!!
Ron I used Winchester white box for years but the quality control seems to be lacking lately from what I heard.The ammo I have is older stuff.and have 500 rounds of it.My glock gen 1 loves it lol.I do notice lawmen ammo seems to have more point.Also have pmc as well and will try everything. Thanks for the advice!
You really can't beat rem umc 115gr hps in the 100 rd box.
Ljutic from mouse guns tested it. It posted over on the diamond back forum.
I've got my 9, 40, and 45 loaded up with it.
I like rem umc........never have had any issues with it in any caliber, or in any gun I've used it in. And if your lucky these days Wally World sells it for a reasonable price............
Il have to try UMC. Here some pics hope its clear enough.


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You umc for self defence?If not what is everybody using in there pm9,cm9s?Ill check out the mouse gun site.. Thanks
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