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Bear Climbs Up To Hunters Tree Stand !!!

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Here's a cool little video about a hunter that got a pants soiling surprise ( well you decide ! )
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Where's the cream filling....

Think I'd pulled out my pistol when the bear started up the tree.
Man that's just what I was thinking.........I sure wouldn't have let it get but a paw on the tree before I popped off a couple.........
Wow. The Lord was looking after him! I'd've needed some new underpants. Lol.
Years ago I was with a buddy hiking and taking pictures of wildlife. We encountered a small Black Bear who apparently took issue with us so he decided to chase us - apparently he wasn't too intent on catching us, but we both learned a good lesson that day; you can shoot something with a camera all day and it just won't fall down!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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