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Best Grip Addition for Bulking up PM9

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I've been trying to come up with the best way to bulk up the grips on my PM9. I'd like to add a little cushioning on the back if that's possible. Plus just making the overall grip a little larger around. I've looked at the following web sites (AGRIP Wrap Around, Decal, Pachmayr, Handall Jr) and not sure which would be the best way to go. I did an impulse buy from Kahr and ordered the Decal grips, but they haven't arrived as yet. Would I be better off with a different version. I've only got about two hundred rounds through the gun and the recoil isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it would be nice if it was just a little bigger grip. If someone suggests Pachmayr or Handall, which model / number is applicable for the PM9?

Thanks for your help

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Jack, the Pachmayr Slip on #4 will work on both the PM9 and the P380 and I highly recommend. Other options for increasing the girth of the backstrap and adding additional cushioning is some cut-to-fit Dr. Scholl's mole skin placed under the slip-on grip. As for other slip on grips, Uncle Mikes I believe has a small one that will fit. The Handall Jr. should work fine on the P380, not sure on the PM9. As far as strength, the Pachmayr is the strongest of all and easy to trim if so desired. It's just not that easy to find but our store has them.
I'm not a fan of grip sleeves, they can move and they make your but look big!!!
Since pocket guns are for pockets, and increased bulk is not what you want in the pocket, why bother? It is very feasible to have a lot more in the way of power, controlability and effective range with belt guns.
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For a really comfortable grip, try a Pachmayer Grip Glove OVER a Talon Grip. The Pachmayer (05177) also fits the Ruger LC 9.
If your looking for some grip modification to fill out your hand, Decal Grips would seem to offer the least benefit, since they only cover a small portion of the side of the grip. I tried the Decal Sand Grips and didn't like them. Left them on for less than a week. I also tried the early Talon Grips(rubber) for the CM9 and really liked them. I had those on for about a year. and the portion of the Talon Grip that covers the sear panel started coming off. At that point, I had some experience using GunTape on my G26 and SAR K2P so I tried using GunTape on the my CM9. That has been the best grip, by far, of any of the grip solutions I've tried. It really does seem to fill out your hand much better than you could reasonably expect, considering the thickness of the material involved. With the GunTape I was able to wrap all sides of the grip. I think it looks good and it feels great in my hand. The newer Talon Grips are an improvement, in that they extend the wrap to cover the base of the grip. I prefer the GunTape, because I get better coverage at the back of the grip, the pinky extension, and If I have problems with the sear panel coverage, it is a simple matter to cut a piece to cover that portion of the grip, and not be forced to replace the entire Talon Grip.

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BTW, I believe the problem with the tape covering the sear panel is the result of lubricants migrating from within the sear panel and contaminating the grip tape adhesive.
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Nice job.............looks good !!
Thanks. I'll gladly accept the compliment, but it's really quite easy to do. The GunTape comes with enough material, and cost is so negligible, that if you screw up the project a few times, you haven't lost much.
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