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caliber debate

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Good vid..............,good info.............I think they are right on !!!!!
They got some good videos ....
I'm subscribed to Iraqveteran88. Lol.
Stopping power is largely a myth. They didn't name names but I'm pretty sure the 17 year study they kept referring to was by Marshall & Sanow and they have been completely discredited. Even though their study is discredited the rounds they say are most effective do appear to be the most effective on the street. At least the two in the video did say shot placement is everything if you have a round with sufficient expansion and penetration. I have been a .40 S&W guy for years. My EDC gun was a Glock G23. I still think the .40 is an excellent cartridge and it's ballistics are on a par with the best .45 rounds. But with modern +P JHPs the difference between 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP is not that much. Any of them will do the job if you put them where they need to go. In a big step for me I have gone to the 9 mm Kahr PM9 and a Glock G19 for carry guns. I still think the .40 and .45 are more powerful rounds I've just finally joined the majority who say the difference isn't that important. The picture below is self explanatory. The chart is something I did one night bored with nothing else to do. There does seem to be a relationship between kinetic energy and round effectiveness. Quantifying it will probably remain impossible because of the large number of contributing factors that cannot be controlled.

Speer Gold Dot JHP Muzzle Energy Descending Order

980 ft.lbs, 304 m, .44 Magnum 210 gr, 453 BEN
584 ft.lbs, 181 m, .357 Magnum 125 gr
535, ft.lbs, 195 m, .357 Magnum 158 gr
518 ft.lbs, 194 m, .45 ACP +P 200 gr
506 ft.lbs, 169 m, .357 SIG 125 gr
500 ft.lbs, 150 m, .327 FedMagnum 100 gr
496 ft.lbs, 186 m, .40 S&W 155 gr
488 ft.lbs, 185 m, .45 GAP 185 gr
484 ft.lbs, 190 m .40 S&W 165 gr
453 ft.lbs, 195 m, .45 ACP 185 gr
420 ft.lbs, 185 m, .40 S&W 180 gr
418 ft.lbs, 194 m .45 GAP 200 gr
410 ft.lbs, 148 m, 9mm Luger +P 124 gr
404 ft.lbs, 205 m, .45 ACP 230 gr
374 ft.lbs, 139 m, 9mm Luger 115 gr
364 9mm Luger 124 gr
340 .44 Special 200 gr
317 9mm Luger 147 gr
312 45 Colt 250 gr
248 .38 Special +P 125 gr
196 .390 Auto 90 gr
123 .32 Auto 60 gr
63 .25 Auto 35 gr

The second number is momentum in no recognized unit. It is useless for
comparing to anything not on the chart but accurate for displaying relative
momentum between the included rounds.
See less See more
I,really enjoyed and learn a lots i didn't know.I never would have believed 357 & 40 would be the winners over a 45 in a 17 yrs. experimental study.
Of course you will have better stopping power with a larger caliber, but I think the most important thing is having a gun on you and making a well placed shot. I love my Glock 21 but because of it's size I dont carry it all that much. I always carry a 380 and spend more time practicing with it than with a 45.....
It's about ending a threat............a good self defense round and center of mass hits is the key I think.........
This is an excellent video because of the clarity of the commentary voiced by the two presenters. They spoke to the subject in direct language citing examples and not simply spouting opinions. However, I did find that whenever they gave opinions, the opinions were based upon personal experience and not upon hypotheticals.

Placement is thought to be the most important stopping factor. In the video, I was reminded that the design and velocity of the bullet is also of significant importance. I have no doubt that the weight factor also plays a factor in this the bullet’s effectiveness.

Toney, I thank you for bringing this video to our attention. It was most informative.
It was good to revisit this video. Thanks for finding it again WishIhad1. The learning experience newbies go thru makes the experienced rethink older comments and opinions. Good one.
Too bad the old fart isn't still around...

I'm not a 9mm fanboy so much, I just don't want to pack the extra weight.
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I hear ya Toney, I'm still pack'n 'bout 100lbs that I don't want to carry :lolu::lolu:
Too bad the old fart isn't still around....
What.........bobs still here !!
Sure am..and I'm listening.
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The old Guy on the video passed ...
Oh yeah............I liked him....
rip Berry ...
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Too bad...........he seemed to know what he talked about.
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A sad thing for his family, friends, and those of us that enjoyed his videos. But I have to believe that he has gone on to a much better place.

He will be missed.
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