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CM( Front Sight Change Concerns & Questions

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CM9 Front Sight Change Concerns & Questions

I've been looking for sometime now at different front sights. I'm not interested in the so called "Big" sight as I would like to be more accurate when aiming. Kahr on their online (Link below) site show DP Fibre Optic and DP Tritium sight for the CM/CW. Looking down the slide the Fibre diameter size is much smaller with a lot of the surrounding mount showing within the rear "V" sight than the other Tritium larger size and consequently less accurate shot maybe? I wonder which is better? My thoughts are: I want to pick up my target quickly and accurately. I wonder about the eye catching smaller green dot verses the larger white dot of Kahr's offering. I would be interested in folks that have changed to different sights and what their thought's are.

Kahr link:
www.dawsonprecision.com SIGHTS FRONT:Kahr Front Sights:Kahr-CW Stake On Front Sights Category
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I don't like dots, I use the top of the front sight. If the light isn't right fiber optics is useless and your back to using the top of the sight again, and that will shift your point of impact

I would like night sights, but there not gonna help in the daylight, and if its dark enough to need them its to dark to see what your shooting at. Shooting with a light you can shoot off the top of the front sight.

I think the most important thing for pistol accuracy is being able to see daylight on each side of the front sight.
Hmmmmmmmmm. I probably would not change them other than the proven possibility of them coming loose and/or falling off. I don't mind what I have but after looking at friends pistols the green sight is an eye catcher for me. But then I tell myself this is a close quarters gun and why would I spend the money to get a sight, other than target practice, when a critical situation happens aiming is mostly likely not a consideration.
Everything said here is true. Your using a gun designed for self defense, at relatively close quarters. Not really range type shooting. Only practice for a time when needed. That said many like to shoot at bulls eyes at the range, and enjoy the gun that way as well. I think the best compromise is to put a tritium sight on the front. That way if ever needed in a dark situation, circumstances permitting you will know where the tip of the gun is. I got meprolight tritium front sights for my MK & K series from Kahrs website for $31 each. They are same profile as originals, so I left the back sights alone. They are about like the originals in daylight at the range and glow in the dark to pick up the business end of the weapon. In the end, it as you said in a critical situation your instinct is going to be point and shoot, won't be time to take aim.
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Wouldn't it be nice to still see the sights!!! I can without my glasses with a handgun at arms length, but then I can't see what I'm shooting at.
You wouldn't shoot a man without his glasses on....................I know not funny when the eyes get older. I wear progressive lenses and if I focus on the sights the target is fuzzy, so I kind of look over the sights at the target, using the front sight............crap !!!!
Unless I missed something I wanted these sights and couldn't find any to fit a CM9. My slide is non_grooved as I thought all CM9's were. If there is one available how is it installed?
These are on the Kahr website..........green Trijicon........if this is what you are looking for !!!

CW/CM Trijicon Front Sight Kit(KWTFNSKT)

Trijicon Bright & Tough(TM) Night Sights are three-dot iron sights that increase night-fire shooting accuracy by as much as five times over conventional sights. Equally impressive, they do so with the same speed as instinctive shooting - and without the need for batteries. Housed in a metal body and cushioned within silicon rubber, Bright & Tough Night Sights feature a unique shock- resistant design that is patented by Trijicon. Each lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel to help evenly distribute the light while protecting the lamp from solvents and puncture. Contained within aluminum cylinders for additional protection, the lamps are mounted on silicon rubber cushions to withstand shock and heavy recoil. Green lamps are warranted for 12 years from the date of manufacture.Trijicon front night sight set for CW/CM Series pistols. Kit comes with a front sight only,installation screw, Loctite, and instructions. Fits all Kahr CW/CM models except .380.

Qty: $49.99

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Thanks Ron54

I looked at that picture and blew it up but I couldn't see if it was indeed the right one. Couldn't tell if it had a base flange on it or not. Again Iv'e looked but couldn't find if it was installed by punching a plastic stem or screwed on as some others I've seen. I assume it's swagged with a punch then it's a better install than the original? My goal is to get a sure install and a good viewing sight.
You might want to call kahr and ask how easy it is / how it installs before you buy it. They are pinned in the slide and they include loctite with the sight, so I would think its not going anywhere. If its something you don't want to tackle, most gunsmiths would do it for $20 dollars.
Glow in the dark paint, Strontium aluminate Based glow Paints

Nitesiters Handgun Night Sights

Dont spend too much money. Read up above.

What does CM and CW mean?
I just now found a U tube sight that show's how it done. I'll have no trouble installing it. Thanks for your help Ron.
Your welcome
Interesting kahrhauler. I've saved the site to review when I can. CM = CM9 kahr pistol, CW = CW kahr pistol
Here is a YouTube video on installing a front sight on a kahr cm9.......should be the same for the cw line as well.....
I have been trying to find the Trijicon front site for my CM9 and checked the links in this post and no luck. They show on the Kahr website for $30 but you can't add to your cart! Any ideas?
Call customer service
thanks what I was going to do tomorrow. Thought the experts might know where to get.
I think most Kahr Pistols are BUGs and therefore meant to be used in close quarters (within 5 yards at most).

I would not change the sights on your pistol like I am not going to change my sights on my P380. It's my BUG and nothing more. I did however change out the sights on my TP45. Why? I just wanted too and that is that.

If I can't save you some money by telling you "no, don't do it" then I must say the XS Big Dot will be the best sights you can put on your Pistol. I have them on all my Compact Glocks.

Just a Friend trying to help.....
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I think you're right Keeper about bugs...but I think even though the 45 is small compared to other larger 45's I think, if wanted and I do, an after market sighting arrangement could be advantageous. Although it's still a short barrel it is a little longer than the bugs and better suited to play at target practice. I'm a more accurate shooter with 45 than cm9.
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