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CM9 + 250 Rounds = Range Report

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Took a new CM9 to the range today to give it a workout. Had a couple 6 rnd mags, an uPlula, and shooting gloves since I intended to just keep on going until I ran out. I started off with no gloves, just to see what it would feel like with standard pressure ammo, and it actually felt pretty good. Nothing violent going on to beat up my hand, or worse yet, my trigger finger, which is normally the victim of so many pocket size guns. Compared to my recoil reference gun, the rotating barrel, locked breach designed Boberg XR9-S, the CM9 is perhaps just a little worse, and very pleasant to shoot. It was a good start!

I've had problems with one brand of ammo (Rattlesnake 115gr FMJ) from other pistols, so grabbed 100 rounds of that as well. Let's just get busy with some discovery is what I'm thinking. I also had two boxes of PMC 115gr FMJ and one box of Federal Premium HST Tactical 124gr. I left the +p stuff at home. That's for phase two, next week, to see if the CM9 will be happy with the Underwood +P JHP or Remington GS +p. I'm already thinking it will be fine.

So how did everything go, being a brand new gun and all? Out of the 250 rounds with slow fire, double taps, triple taps and rapid fire it was nearly perfect! I had one FTF with the Federal HST. A slight pull on the slide fixed it and the rest of the session was perfect. I guess we'll call this session the 'break-in period.' The groups were a bit high and left, but I wasn't really 'target' shooting. I'll worry about that at some other time, plus this isn't a target pistol. I was able to make consistent slow fire head shots at the ranges max distance (of which I need to find out how far that is).

All in all good day and happy with the results. Well, everything except the cost of ammo! :sad: :lemo:
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My cm9 is the only pistol I have fired in 40 years, and before that it was only a 22. It has been absolutely perfect so far. I am right handed but have fired left handed and no problems. So far I have only fired Federal and Remington FMJ. I am going to try the hollow points soon just to make sure it likes them! I feel great that what is supposed to be a break-in turns out to be perfect! I am very pleased with my purchase last year! :crazysmile:
I did fire a 380 in training for my CPL. The cm9 is not any "snappier".
I do have a 12 gauge pump but it is very difficult to conceal, especially with shorts and a T-shirt!
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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