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CM9 + 250 Rounds = Range Report

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Took a new CM9 to the range today to give it a workout. Had a couple 6 rnd mags, an uPlula, and shooting gloves since I intended to just keep on going until I ran out. I started off with no gloves, just to see what it would feel like with standard pressure ammo, and it actually felt pretty good. Nothing violent going on to beat up my hand, or worse yet, my trigger finger, which is normally the victim of so many pocket size guns. Compared to my recoil reference gun, the rotating barrel, locked breach designed Boberg XR9-S, the CM9 is perhaps just a little worse, and very pleasant to shoot. It was a good start!

I've had problems with one brand of ammo (Rattlesnake 115gr FMJ) from other pistols, so grabbed 100 rounds of that as well. Let's just get busy with some discovery is what I'm thinking. I also had two boxes of PMC 115gr FMJ and one box of Federal Premium HST Tactical 124gr. I left the +p stuff at home. That's for phase two, next week, to see if the CM9 will be happy with the Underwood +P JHP or Remington GS +p. I'm already thinking it will be fine.

So how did everything go, being a brand new gun and all? Out of the 250 rounds with slow fire, double taps, triple taps and rapid fire it was nearly perfect! I had one FTF with the Federal HST. A slight pull on the slide fixed it and the rest of the session was perfect. I guess we'll call this session the 'break-in period.' The groups were a bit high and left, but I wasn't really 'target' shooting. I'll worry about that at some other time, plus this isn't a target pistol. I was able to make consistent slow fire head shots at the ranges max distance (of which I need to find out how far that is).

All in all good day and happy with the results. Well, everything except the cost of ammo! :sad: :lemo:
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Usually they are good ...... try to speak to jay....
aaah Man. Me? I'd send it to them to just to check what caused it to break.
False Alarm!! I stripped it down tonight and nothing's cracked or broken. That's good news! What you see in the pic is lithium grease and a hidden piece of metal or other trash that was causing the trigger to click. Perhaps something was stuck in the grease and eventually moved to a position where it would become audible and gritty is my guess. I never could find the source. I cleaned everything really well, took a stone to anything rough (wasn't much needed) and gave it a good lube with both Militec-1 grease on the rails and MotorKote everywhere else. She's smooth as butter. Sorry if I excited you folks about the CM9 having a problem, and probably should have stripped it down for inspection before submitting that first report! Oopsie! :dejection:

Hey, BTW, getting that trigger spring and spacer back in was a chore, but think I figured out the trick to it, besides some luck... Not sure if I can easily describe it, but it involves growing an extra hand!
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Nice work. ..
Is it possible the one you sent in is the same?
I was back at the indoor range for +P day. 25 rounds of Remington Golden Saber 124gr +P JHP, and 50 rounds of Underwood 124gr +P FMJ. I also grabbed another box of the Rattlesnake 115gr FMJ. The +P ammo felt good. I was expecting more recoil, but it was very easy to control and no nasty surprises. After 475 rounds total, all's I've got to say is.... :victorious:

Maybe 'Kahrhauler' will jump in here with his results. I think he shoots every day. One of those reloader types...
He must be shooting today. I've been talking his favorite subject and he's not contributing.
ok, hehehe,, still no failure. I didnt shoot alot but 375 mixed reloads now AND HAVE NOT CLEANED IT.
Sounds like you're having as much fun as our Mr. Rat.........It's sickening.
i want another cw-380 (screaming) but there isnt any around. Ive had cm9 on my L hip cross draw all day in a Tagula leather. Just caught myself grabbing to see if it was there. Comfortable and been all over town.

The Riflemans coming on: gotta go.
I just bought an N82 for the 45 with the elastic holster. Been wearing it for two days and it is VERY comfortable.
They look comfortable. ........
The Suede on the skin side and padding make it comfortable. Frankly I'm surprised.
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