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CM9 New Holster

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I’ve lusted after this holster for months and finally got it without trying it first. I probably would not have bought it if I had done that. It is well designed and a likable holster with a leather applied in the gun contact area. I would really like to make it work and continue using it to practice drawing, which is the problem. The pistol must be drawn out perfectly in like with the holster or it will bind. I’ve loosened it up as much as possible and when drawn will come out with the just right resistance. Problem is my length of arm ratio to waist is not good. It is very hard to pull the weapon out in line with the holster with my long arms, even with a forward slant. Damn I like the feel and action of it when it works. I’m still working it. I guess this is a learning comment not a question. No I don’t want to wear my pants lower thank you.
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At what position are you wearing it ??
Rh/4. It works great at appendix but that's not for me I don't think. At least not for general carry.
It's really hard to find the perfect holster. You'll end up with a box full.
I've got several and I really like the lease expensive of 8+ one I've got now. Don Hume H715. I really like it but think the Kydex because of rigidity, weight, thinness and holster doesn't collapse when empty would be better. I'm finding out the hard way which is best. I'm sure most do that.
Try moving it around and see if there is another position that is comfortable, yet still works for you. If you can't make that happen then you will have to start over with another holster. I know it took me 4 holsters to find one that worked just right. That's why you hear the expression "drawer full of holsters". Its a trial and error thing, everyone is different so you just have to experiment.
I’ve lusted after this holster for months and finally got it without trying it first. ......
I must have missed it. Which holster are you having the problem with? :)
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Shoegoo, "I must have missed it. Which holster are you having the problem with?

I was reluctant to name the holster but will with a measured praise of the Garrett Quiet Thunder. I know several folks and read often of numerous owners that think highly of this particular holster. I must say I called the company and they tried to be helpful and made a few suggestions. I've pretty much decided to sell it probably here on the forum if one would want it. I've given it a try for while now. I really think the difficult draw is my location and long arms to holster position.

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Nice holster.........too bad it didn't work out for you............
When I first saw it first hand I thought that is the one I want. It looked nice and leather covered. Who wouldn't like that? Well I do like it but as I said it just doesn't fit, darn it.
Hey it happens to all of us.........what looks good and sometimes feels good at first can end up being a bummer after a short carry time and daily wear............
I ordered one from Braid Holster on ebay for the PM9/CM9. It is an IWB molded one and you take off the belt clip and have a pocket holster. All for $27 plus shipping. It arrived today and I am very pleased with it for the price. Check it out. Kahr PM9 IWB Pocket Holster Right Hand | eBay
Looks like a great holster for the $$..........
That's a good idea to take off the clip when you need to. Not seen this one before. Heck of a price for it.
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