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Took the wife's "almost new" CM9 to the range. Also took wife and another couple. Wife is a pretty good shooter, other couple fairly new to guns.
First of all, I am very pleased with the accuracy of this gun. For such a small gun, it is more accurate than I would have suspected. Nice trigger, and I was able to do drills shooting multiple targets back and forth quite easily.
Wife (who I bought the gun for) really liked it, so I'm happy about that!
Only malfunctions out of about 150 rounds were one stovepipe and two FTFeed, all with the lady from the other couple. I suspect some limp wristing there, since it didn't happen with any of the other three.
Got mad at myself later. I wanted to end the session by shooting about 10 rounds of 147 gr. JHP's that I brought, just to confirm that they will feed as well as the regular 115 gr. FMJ that we were shooting. Got about halfway home and realized that I forgot to take the good stuff out of my range bag. Oh, well, next time.

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Great job.......they are sweet guns.........you ( your wife ) is going to enjoy the CM............
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