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CM9 sharp serrations on slide

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Yes they are sharp. So much so that while practicing quick mag reloads it tears my fingers and palm up when jacking the slide. This old office boy doesn't have calloused hands some might. I've been shown the correct way to do it, Palm and fingers on opposite sides, still doesn't help. I read on the forum about knocking of the edges with a stone and I've tried that after putting down the suggested tape in the bottom of the grooves but it's not doing much good I just tear up the tape and mark the groove bottom. Really can't put anything much thicker that tape to help not marking groove. The depth is shallow enough now that when adding to the groove the angle of stone to sharp edges doesn't really take the "corner" down. The grinding will be too close the face of the raised serrations. Understand? I've not given up yet but thought maybe others have found a better way short of taking it to a gun smith or living with it. I've tried square stones, Round Dremel type stone (which is the best is the stone dia. doesn't touch the bottom of the channel), don't want to think of sandpaper. ?????

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Hmmm.......I just unholstered my mk9 and checked the slide serrations. They don't seem that sharp when I grip them and rack the slide. Now if I run my finger along an individual raised bar, it does seem kind of sharp. But not in a way that abrades my hands.........Any thoughts Toney !!!
Just a thought when you grip the slide and rack it are you gripping it tight enough so that your hand doesn't slide across the serrations,,,,,,
As I'be been taught in classes and to insure the shell seats as it should as soon as inserting the new magazine then put lh palm on serrations with finger opposite on slide (I'm right handed) and push the weapon hand forward and the slice hand backward quickly to ensure max slide movement and line up on target quickly. I compared my gun with new gun at the range and talked to range guy and he agreed they were sharp on my gun and the displayed mode. His personal K( wasn't sharp but good for racking.
They are sharp!!! I think they really need to be as shallow as they are.
I had a melted p11 that was hard to rack.

If I was gonna break the edge, I think a round stone is what I'd use.
Maybe you could put your left hand a little further back on the slide. And instead of grabbing the slide with the palm use your thumb and first 3 fingers on the opposite side to rack the slide. I know I have more strength that way and can get a tighter grip on the slide.
Toney, I agree and I'm looking for the correct diameter stone but haven't gone to the store yet. I can't think a better fix.
Ron54, tried that and a little better but still not good. I'd like to practice it but starting out gripping to tight I'll have to wait a bit. I think Toney's thought will help a lot if I can find the stone. Just haven't tried it yet.
Yeap. That's what I'm thinking. Thanks
I realize that I'm way late with this suggestion, but it may help someone else with the same problem. Keeping in mind that I don't mind the Kahr serrations, so I haven't tried this possible solution. Just lay an appropriately sized strip of GunTape over the serrations, heat it with a hair dryer or heat gun so it conforms the entire surface of the serrations, and your done. I've seen this used on other pistols, but there is no reason why it shouldn't work with a CM9. Much better solution than butchering your CM9 slide.
Gesswein | Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies | Mold & Die Polishing Stones use these at my work.
They work excellent for minor imperfections and should work well for removing the sharp edge of the serrations.
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