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CM9 Tumbling bullets

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Visiting with my range company guy yesterday. Last weekend shooting it was hot in the range and fans from behind were really blowing and moving the paper targets back and forth. I notice the bullet holes were elongated thinking the wind blown angle of paper target to shooter was causing it. I mentioned this to range guy and he said the bullet from little guns (cm9) will start tumbling at 21 feet. Sounds logical. We talked of his K9 which doesn't because of the longer barrel. Interesting subject I hadn't thought of since a newbie. He carries K9 primary, CM9 back up. Now I'm thinking K9 and get stopped by the $850+ price. Ahhh just dreaming.
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I agree, paper blowing..........at those distances I believe Toney is correct, long or short barrel isn't going to affect accuracy as much as shooter skill will...!!!
I'll tell you I love my K40, its the same size as the K9, just chambered in 40s&w. It is on the heftier side being all steel. It has a good feeling in hand, it just feels right and the weight adds to that good feeling. Their steel guns are really well made and shoot great, with the weight helping to tame recoil. They are on the pricey side, but they will last a lifetime and I think they are worth it. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself right...........after all you deserve it.........don't you !!!!!! ;D
I understand............have had to wheel & deal and decide what gun I favor least to sell or trade. That way i can fund the next purchase, for this cruel affliction we seem to have. I just don't know if its genetic and born with it, or an acquired expensive bad habit sort of thing !!!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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