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Always looking for the "perfect" holster. While everything is always a compromise of sorts, I have found a new (and inexpensive) holster that makes it very comfortable to carry my P380 in my pocket, and also doubles as an IWB holster as well. It's the Remora holster. http://www.remoraholsters.com/

I have a few nicely made leather holsters for pocket carry, but I find that either the thumb brake (in some holster designs), or the exposed take down lever (in other designs) rub uncomfortably against my leg - especially when wearing jeans. The Remora holster is soft and very comfortable to wear. Plus it really does work as a clipless IWB holster as well (although I do not often carry a gun IW).

Alan, at Remora, is a great fellow to deal with. He's extremely concerned about customer satisfaction. - Here is my P380 in its Remora holster.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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