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Comparable size of CM9 to ???

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I've been looking at several holsters (Don Hume for one) that don't list "made for CM9". I know I've read but can't find right now other Kahr's that are almost same size so that I may find a listed fitting holster. For some reason CM9's holsters are not made as many as say PM9. Usually PM9 is called out on holster sizing charts. I know I could buy a "made for" different gun and it would fit my CM9.
I really like my Kahr and it is an accurate shooter.
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The cm and pm are the same externally except for the roll stamp and the flat edges of the slide over the pm's radius.
I thought the PM9 was of equal size.
Thanks Toney
If you get a leather holster for the pm, it should fit like Toney said no problem. The Kahrs are pretty much the same design and profile, like my holster for my k40 will fit my mk9, it will also fit a k9, mk40. As long as you get one that fits the longest barrel, say 3.5 inches it will also fit the 3 inch guns also.
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