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Concealed Carry

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I'm sure there are many here that carry concealed. Those that don't but have considered doing so, may really want to make the effort to obtain their license / permit. Due to the current political climate and the potential changes in laws and excessive regulation, that could make getting one very difficult or impossible. The same may hold true for getting the weapon you want to buy. I'm not saying its time to panic and join in the current gun and ammo frenzy, just consider your possible needs and act accordingly and responsibly.
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I have had my CC Permit for years. My wife just got hers anticipating it may soon be much more diffucult to obtain one in the near future. It is unfortunate that so many irrationale politicians are in positions of power. There is much more to this whole gun control movement than meets the eye... It is a power grab and they sieze every opportunity they can to distort the truth in advancing their cause.
Absolutely agree, and its not us concealed carriers committing the crimes and mass shootings. As a matter of fact, and as a group we are very responsible gun owners. The crime rate from legal cc'rs is extremely small. So if they want to really make a difference in the gun related incidents, treat the mentally ill and keep the guns out of their hands and the hard criminals.
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