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correct slide lock reassembly....

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I noticed in the Kahr video on reassembly that the slide lock spring must be on top of the "protrusion" on the slide lock. I think i got it right after I cleaned the gun for the first time, but it is hard to see in there. Is there anyway to confirm i got it right besides going to the range and test firing?

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Easy. Hold the slide all the way back without magazine. The slide stop should be spring loaded to return all the way down after you try pushing it up, while still holding the slide all the way back.
bigweb2001 said:
ahhhh, thanks!....
actually u can test that without even having the slide back. Just push up on the slide stop with the slide closed, It will want to move up but if you let go of it it will immediatly return downward. In 20,000 rounds through my PM9 (which works the same exact way as the P380), I have had my slide off at leas a 100 times and if you line the two witness marks up (on the slide and front part of the grip), that pin will lock in perfectly every time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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