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I got the email from them this afternoon as well, would have considered it but my PM40 is at Kahr for some Big Dots, and my PM9 has the Armalaser. They are all sold out now :(
I know the Armalaser is quite an ugly setup, but I have to admit it has never lost zero and always activates, which is all I need really. Im sure had the Crimson Trace been available at the time I would have bought it. But who am I kidding, Im sure I will pick one up sooner or later, as I have 2 guns it will fit. Heres a pic of the Armalaser and Don Hume pocket holster. They fit nicely in many of the cargo shorts and pants I own, but the P380 rules the dress slacks and jeans.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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