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I guess I should say ours.
Up until year last year I hunted with a compound bow. Made me hurt too bad!!! Sold my hunting bow to my sil last year.

I really like how ambidextrous the crossbow is, I can shoot it equally as well with either hand.

It is really flat shooting! !! The 20yd dot zeroed out just a Tad low, the 30 and 40 dot are dead on!!! But as noisy as it is 40 is as far as ill shoot. 41 has been my longest.

I do miss shooting a bow!!! My brother was sponsored by Martin archery, and I think I'm better ...
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Your a man of many talents.............
I really enjoy early bow hunting, not too many hunters in the field, even on public land.
But when rifle season comes around I have a hard time picking a bow back up. Since they changed the law I can tag out now with my ml and rifle
Toney, nice looking. Always wanted one but it never happened.
When I was kid in the 50's a buddy built a crossbow using one leaf out of a car spring. Could not load the bow without using a lever system to pull the "steel cable" back and lock it in place. He made steel arrows and I watched him shoot thru (3) 1" planks of Oak. The Lever was approx. 2 feet with arrows about 15" long. Bow was somewhere around 2 feet+ long, it wasn't very long. The arrows were short at about 12 + inches. The bow was so strong the end of the wood stock was crushing where it was attached and he had to rebuild it with reinforcement. This was made in 8th or 9th grade wood shop class. Can you imagine doing that in today's shop class? I considered it very dangerous.
Do you have a close up of the aiming
Back then you could make knives in shop class...........and if you were a senior you could smoke in the center court............and no one thought anything of it...........imagine that today !!!!
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the dots are very close!!! The rail has a cam under it that raises the sight about the same as the distance between the dots, that puts the bottom dot dead on at 54yds.
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Pretty slick. Thanks
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