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Crossbreed Service and Quality

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I ordered a belt and 3 holsters on Dec 18th and figured that it would be mid-January before I received anything.

The following day I sent an email with a question and received an explanatory and well thought out response later that day.

Much to my surprise, I received a package this morning with my belt, a SuperTuck Deluxe and QuikClip for my G26 with a CT LG and a MiniTuck for my P380 with Big Dots and a CT LG.

The CT sights have yet to arrive for the P380 so I can't tell about the fit yet but the 2 holsters for the G26 are awesome. I wore the QuickClip today and it is the most comfortable holster I've ever worn. I carried the G26 with a +2 mag and my wife couldn't tell that I was carrying. The draw is easy and it's easy to reholster without worrying about a trigger snag.

The quality on these holsters is great and I'm going to order another for my PM9 and another belt tomorrow.
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