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Just got a new ct9 in black cerakote. I wass really stoked to get another CT since my carry gun is a ct9 two to e which is almost the perfect carry gun.
Got gun which was drowned on oil so couldn't see alot. After getting home and wiping it down noticed the side plate screw is way overtorqued and plate is angled. There are circled scuffs is a circular pattern around screw. The magwell on one side is jagged and squared and the bottom of magwell looks like a hacksaw was used. There are also deep angled cuts on both sides of inside of dustcover in front of rails. I don't think any of these imperfections will affect function but makes me wonder how this got out of factory. Called kahr and said it wasn't a factory second and send it in and they will likely replace frame. Still can't wait to get this back and shoot it. Grey Automotive tire Bicycle part Synthetic rubber Carbon
Bumper Automotive exterior Rectangle Gas Composite material


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