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a lesson learned. I should have known better but I went out today to shoot my PM9 and my p380 that I have not shot in about 2 months, due to about out of ammo. anyway I wanted to empty that magazine of corbon 90 gr hp and start anew again.

Am I glad I did that today. 5 of the 6 would not fire, no way hose. I thought what the hell is the matter here. I then shoot 50 PMC fmj without a hitch and then loaded up a new magazine of corbon 90 hp rounds and all fired without a hitch.

No doubt sitting in that gun for 2 months and what libricant I used in the gun had gotten down inside the primer cup and prevented the "boom" thing. A lesson learned. EMPTY THAT CARRY MAGAZINE MORE OFTEN THAN NOT...

I never oil inside my striker channel and basicaly use very little oil anyways. Most ofmy lub is TW25 grease and a tad bt of oil in the lower grip area, but over time this oil has seeped into the primers .

I should have know better to but ammo is just so scare in 380 . this little P380 is just one heh of a great shooter. I out shot my PM9 last night with it at 7 yards.
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