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Been thinking about replacing my p32
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I just checked out the video on the CW 380, and at its more down to earth price I agree with you. This is going to be a nice little pocket rocket I can see in my near future. I don't know if they have released it yet, the video said in Feb or March.
I had been thinking the cw was gonna be like it's bigger brothers, not a cm type.
I just want them to get out to the stores, so I can handle one.
I am interested to see if the trigger is as good as the p380, if it's anywhere close, this may be in my future as well.
If the trigger is like the typical smooth DAO on the other Kahrs, which I tend to believe it will be, a winner is born.
The only thing different I think on the lower is the assembly pin being cast.
Get those check books ready...........;D
The only thing different I think is the assembly pin being cast.
I read in the press release that the slide will be manufactured in a different manner. Less machining operations in this one.
It will be hair longer and beveled.
It will still be the bomb for a pocketable lightweight 380 in my opinion......
Any body hear when they plan on releasing this. Wanting to get my hands on one. Saw an article saying that they were ramping up soon.
I saw something on one of their videos saying Feb or March, so I would guess anytime soon now....
I'll stop by my local gun shop/range this week and ask them if they have any news on it.
I sent a e mail to Kahr on 5/1/2013 , I asked when would I be able to buy a cw380? They replied that they would be shipping in 30 to 60 days. Soooo keep on looking!!
I've been checking bud's every day!!!!

Soon as I see that their out I putting my p32 up for sale
I want one!
I want one!
Howdy!!! I'm still wanting one!!!
Not a single one !!
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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